BOMALINE ‘Rainbow’ Iron On Patch

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BOMALINE ‘Rainbow’ Iron On Patch:

If you love colors, then the best patch to think of when in need of one is this BOMALINE ‘Rainbow’ patch. It brings the taste of different colors in a perfectly textured material. You can fix it on your pouch, clothes, or bags with a choice of your favorite colors to communicate your desires.

Iron-On Instructions:

1. Pre-heat iron to the med-high cotton temperature setting (without steam)
and select a hard, flat pressing surface (not a padded ironing board).

2. Position patch on pre-washed garment and cover with a cloth.

3. Using an iron, apply constant pressure to pressing sheet for 30-40 seconds
(no back and forth).

4. Turn garment inside out and repeat, pressing directly on the garment to heat
though back of the patch.

✓Super strong heat seal glue backing. This patch can be iron-on or sew on to any garment. Excellent machine wash performance. It will never come off.
✓The raw material of our patches has been passed the test. Our patch is safe.
✓Iron-on patches are a great way to express your individuality and they're also useful for hiding damaged or torn spots on your clothes and accessories.
✓Cool Outdoors Each Embroidered Iron On Patches for Jackets Backpacks Jeans and Clothes the design is unique and is 100% original.