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BOMALINE Super Quality Nylon Sizeable Tough Solid-Color Backpack:

Do you know what’s ideal for your school-going young lad? It’s nothing short of the BOMALINE Nylon solid color backpack. Your child needs a tough backpack that will sustain the odds of his or her daily adventures as he/she goes to school. The fun fact is that you get to pick the colors that they like from the wide array of colors that these backpacks exist in. What’s even appealing is that the bag doesn’t have to be your kid’s.
You can use it for picnics, light shopping, and carrying your kids’ stuff when taking them out.

✓The backpacks are made of nylon for high tensile, tear, burst strength, and easy printing of anything you may wish to print on the backpack.
✓They are made sizeable with two side pockets, one front pocket, and the main pocket to accommodate all your kids’ school stuff and light shopping items.
✓The solid color easily matches with your choice fashion; you easily blend the backpack with your cloth for a fashionable day out.
✓It has tough, long-lasting zigzag zippers that keep your kids’ belongings safe and well covered while in school.

Dimensions Of Product is: 42cm (height) x 31 cm

What’s in for you?
The bags exist in red, blue, pink, purple, orange, beige, white, black, and other color shades.