Lili Mini Pouch

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BOMALINE Nylon Made High-Quality Mini Pouch:
Imagine the ease and comfort you feel when you know every valuable thing you have is safe and sealed somewhere. The small but valuable stuff you carry around with you could steal your concentration from that important meeting if they were not well covered and protected somewhere. A sizeable mini pouch could help you hold your phone and other valuables and still keep an eye on them while in the meeting. BOMALINE’s mini pouch is the best option you could settle for if you need to secure your stuff.

What’s in for you?
You can’t get enough of the attractive look this pouch offers. And the attractiveness is not limited to one color as you can choose from the wide range of colors the mini pouches come in. The colors include red, blue, orange, pink, yellow, black, blue, green, purple, and many other color shades.

They are made in a perfect size for all your precious, valuable stuff.
The pouches are made in various colors for your fashion touch-up. You get to blend the colors with your day’s fashion color.
The zigzag zipper is strong and durable to keep your stuff safe throughout the pouches’ lifespans.
Their small size is ideal for easy portability.