KOKO Duffle Bag

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BOMALINE Nylon Medium-Sized Strong Attractive Duffle Bag:

Imagine how you would boost your image if you presented yourself for that business trip looking all glam and colorful with your lovely skirt or trouser suit coupled with a matching duffle bag. The image you portray is sensational; it communicates your taste of class and mastery of fashion. BOMALINE attractive duffle bags are the ideal choice for your business travel plans, gym, sports, and recreation events, and other uses.

The bags are rectangular-shaped to spread their packing space horizontally for maximum storage and a classy look when carrying the bag around.
They are made using nylon to give them a shiny, attractive look and long-lasting durability for all your fashion needs and long-lasting usability.
The firmly attached handles give you a comfortable time carrying the bag and are well designed to add to the bag’s attractive design.
Hanging side pins are added so you can add a more extended handle if you wish to carry over your shoulder on longer trips.

What’s in for you?
Strength, agility, enough space for packing, and a wide array of colors all await you in these spectacular bags from our stores. Your favorite color is here waiting for you. The bags exist in red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, magenta, and black colors for you to pick.

Dimensions Of Product: 55 x 30 x 18 cm

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