LOUIS XIV' - Purple Glitter Cursive Iron On Letter Patch (2.2'')

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◆BOMALINE Superb Mini Purple Glitter Back and White Chenille Letters:

◆Size: 2.2 inches High

◆Iron-On Instructions
1. Pre-heat iron to the med-high cotton temperature setting (without steam)
and select a hard, flat pressing surface (not a padded ironing board).

2. Position patch on pre-washed garment and cover with a cloth.

3. Using an iron, apply constant pressure to pressing sheet for 30-40 seconds
(no back and forth).

4. Turn garment inside out and repeat, pressing directly on the garment to heat
though back of the patch.

◆When all you want is color and more color, there is only one way your insatiable urge and need for colors can be satisfied. You know how? By getting yourself a Varsity Letter White and Gold that contains your favorite colors in one collection. The BOMALINE superb Varsity Letter White and Gold patches will be an excellent fit for you looking for a multi-colored patch. They display the White and Gold colors in desirable artistic threading for a local look.

What’s in for you?
When you buy this patch, you are, in reality, buying a skill of perfect threading and a mix of colors that are appealing to the eye and desirable as well. When you add this to your already great bag, pouch or cases, you get a combination of excellence that can only leave onlookers admiring.

✓The patches are given a perfect threading finish, which gives the letters a great finishing look and gives
the strength you need to keep the letters’ beauty intact.
✓They are constructed in many combined colors to accommodate all your color desires in one letter
✓They are made of light materials for insignificant additional weight on your pouch, backpack, tote bag,
or laptop case you intend to attach them on.
✓They are made with fabric for easy cleaning when you wash your bag, pouch, or other items you attach
them on.