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BOMALINE Vegan Leather High-Quality Durable Laptop Sleeve:

Fits up to 14inches laptops.

Do you know what’s better than a laptop bag for carrying your laptop? It is a laptop sleeve. Why should you suffer the pain of spending more on a whole backpack so you can carry a single laptop in it? Getting an ideal laptop sleeve that perfectly fit your laptop can give you the most comfortable time carrying your laptop around. What’s more, no one gets to know you are carrying a whole laptop in the sizeable sleeve you are holding. Additionally, you get to match your laptop sleeve with your suit’s color since you can choose from the vast option of colors the sleeves exist in.

What’s in for you?
You don’t expect anything less of top-notch quality from these sleeves. Buying one will set you on the safe side of fashion and give you a unique look above others. You can pick from the available red, blue, green, black, beige, purple, and pink, among other available colors.

They are made of vegan leather for a high-quality look and a touch of durability.
The top zigzag zipper is strong and durable for the perfect security of your precious laptop.
They are made in attractive top colors, and the Bomaline logo’s inclusion to make the bag attractive and admirable even from a far distance.
The bags are made to fit perfectly for a lightweight carry and convenience in mobility.

Customize it and Make it your own:
We love to help you make these items your own! If you wish for us to install your patches on your pouch, simply select from the drop down menu how many patches you would like us to put on. The drop down menu fees covers the pouch, the patches and the installation fees. Simply tell us in the note box what patch you would like us to put on. All Patches are glued on, we use a combination of heat and special glue to make sure they stay solidly in place. The process takes at least 24h to 48h to create.

If you have more questions, don't be shy: we would love to hear from you!